The Labyrinth 2013

Enter the Labyrinth was the official launch day of the Labyrinth cut into the grounds of the Old Kirk and Muirhouse Church in September 2013. Local residents were asked to walk the labyrinth to the centre where they would find a basket of labels. We asked everyone to write a ‘wish’, something they would like to see change in the area, which they then tied to the wishing tree.

We gathered a good number of wishes, telling us that local residents would like to see new play parks in the area for children.

There were table top sales ran by local organisations.

In attendance: Edinburgh Timebank, Muirhouse Community Shop, Millenium Centre, Muirhouse and Salveson Community Council.

The Church had put on a free BBQ and teas and coffees.

Approximately 300-350 members of the community attended.

Enter the Labyrinth IMG_7812 IMG_7811 IMG_7808 IMG_7807 IMG_7805 IMG_7799 IMG_7796 copy IMG_7794 IMG_7781 IMG_7778 IMG_7769 IMG_7749 IMG_7745 IMG_7736 IMG_7733 IMG_7728 IMG_7726 IMG_7725 IMG_7724 IMG_7722 IMG_7721 IMG_7719 IMG_7716 IMG_7715 IMG_7713 IMG_7706 IMG_7694 IMG_7672 IMG_7671 IMG_7660 IMG_7637 IMG_7633 IMG_7626 IMG_7625labyrinth_panorama-lamp-post-removed1.jpg 10858592_716084991840001_488334239407384130_n1509279_716085045173329_1550572579678225313_n 1560706_716085165173317_1356673318377127615_n1798210_716085248506642_7191819043647557628_n 10801496_716021281846372_5140199038647748768_n 10624748_716084498506717_4999373535399443001_n 10502070_716084441840056_7956557649239227820_n 10482281_716085098506657_2213456924335028879_n10846498_715942188520948_2249075060650982476_n 10858410_716085208506646_4139017986428159706_n 10850154_716084381840062_3941080058977094295_n 10850049_716084961840004_4644798913038739448_n

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