Muirhouse is Home 2016

Muirhouse is Home was a bulb planting project that we ran back in 2012 before we achieved our Go For It funding. All of the local schools participated in a competition where pupils were asked to complete the sentence “Muirhouse is…”. The winning entry, ‘Home’ was then planted with daffodil bulbs on one of the fields on Muirhouse Avenue.

The pictures below show some local residents helping us to refresh the site in 2014.

1658469_230510140473604_227989199_o 1926105_230510203806931_452641771_o 1890481_230510117140273_185901809_oML_Muirhouse_for_postcard

Muirhouse Avenue Park is changing in 2018. Developers are going to section off our much-loved playspaces and be building new homes MAY/JUNE 2018.

A public event to inform people BULB UPLIFT DAY was organised.daffodillowresolution


Alexis digging up the 3000 daffodil bulbs to replant in the gardens throughout the area. They will live again!


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