About Us

Centipede Project started in 2012, with a vision to bring the community of North Edinburgh together through engaging, creative events.

Following a series of community consultations driven by the St. Andrew’s Muirhouse Parish Church (now the Old Kirk and Muirhouse church) the project achieved the main grant from the Church of Scotland’s Go For It fund which would allow the project to work towards its objectives over an exciting three-year period.

The project has gained a lot of support from both local individuals and organisations and has changed the landscape of Muirhouse with installations of outdoor play spaces and a series of growing beds. The work created has been driven by the local community and with a focus on growing our own and sustainability at the forefront of recent projects, the feeling of empowerment and pride can be felt in the area, especially at recent events like the Harvest Banquet. The celebration of food saw a turnout of 100 local residents enjoy a free three-course meal using intercepted and locally grown food whilst food poverty was highlighted through an art installation. The most recent project, the creation of a mini outdoor amphitheatre built using recycled tyres that would have otherwise gone to landfill, was made possible by the support of local residents picking up a shovel and getting involved.

In November 2016, Centipede Project was successful in securing a continuation grant from the Go For It fund to develop on the work that has been successful so far. The next two years will focus on Centipede’s Germinator project, developing food and growing projects in the area in partnership with local schools.

We are always looking for committee members, especially local residents. If this is a project you’d like to get involved with, please contact us now.

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